Colourpop Lippie Haul + Lip Swatches

Âm Nhạc

Colourpop is so affordable!! I love it! So I went a little crazy on black friday! (: Don’t forget to give me suggestions on what to add to a giveaway for you guys!!
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Are & Be

Ice Cube

Jingle Ladies
Cant Wait
After Shock
With the Band
Love Life
Candy Paint


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41 thoughts on “Colourpop Lippie Haul + Lip Swatches

  1. Hi just a question If you have cp UM lip in “mama”. Is that similar to “Love life” lippies stix in colour. Thank you 😊

  2. I ordered a bunch of Colour Pop lippies and I really love Jingle Ladies. As far as a giveaway I would be happy with either Colour Pop stuff or even Lime Crime but I bet you don-t want to get into the whole Lime Crime controversy.

  3. what eye look are you wearing?? i like how simple and natural it looks. you should do a tutorial on it, maybe 🙂

  4. Aww congrats on getting the 30k! I started watching you early on from your shop miss a hauls and jusy really loved your videos from then on. 💗💗💗

  5. I came across your channel when i got the Carli Bybel palette and your tutorial still stands as my favorite!!!! I absolutely love your videos, your look, and personality!! You’re so sweet !!! I just placed my second order with Colourpop and was excited to watch this!!!! I absolutely love their Super Shock Shadows !

  6. I was hesitant on getting Arriba because it’s an ultra matte lippie. I had no idea it was in a satin formula.

  7. Everything looks AWESOME on Youuu!!! Thanks for swatching all of them!! Bet your lips were burning!! 💋❤

  8. MUJER!!!! I am now going lip shopping lol loveeeeee. Thanks for trying the color on helps alot to decided whitch one to buy 👌

  9. I have never tried color pop lip products I think that would be amazing in a give away and shopnhush eye products! Anything that would look nice on all skin tone!! You are so beautiful I love watching your videos!! Your just amazing!!

  10. The deep purple shade looks bomb on you 🔥 you could put your all time favorite products in the giveaway!

  11. I think that a great give away would be some of your all time favorite beauty products. Also, I love your channel, you've inspired me to be so much more creative with makeup and self expression in general.

  12. So glad to see you grow your channel, you feel so genuine and down to earth and i love that!! Your give away should be on a couple of your favorite products maybe!? Things you know you love and would want others to try ❤️❤️

  13. Should definately do a giveaway with some of your holy grails! 👀👀👀 love how genuine your channel is btw 💘

  14. I seen your snap that you were uploading but my son is sick and I had to put him down for a nap, better late then never.

    I’m so happy that you uploaded today because my son has been cranky because of his illness and my day has been kind of blue but just seeing your video is enough for me and my day got better. 💕

  15. Honestly your such a sweetheart!!! been watching you since 20k, you've changed and grown and I love the true you, we get to see. Can't wait till youre at 1mil you deserve it!!

  16. Love the colors & ColourPop seriously have the best colors. I love Dose of colors lipstick but don't own any of them & maybe one day I'll give them a try. Whatever you choose for the giveaway will be awesome & we will all love it & appreciate it.BTW Love your videos.

  17. Omg congrats on 30k girl love u ☺💋💄🎊✨😱☺💖 i think just winning a giveaway is greatfull i am the type that would be happy with anything u picked out

  18. It's so amazing to see how much you've grown over time 😍 I know it won't be long until you hit 1M! You are so beautiful and inspirational and deserving of everything coming your way! ❣️ I would love to see you include your favorite falsies, lip products, and skin care in the giveaway bc rn I have so much texture and I would really love to know what you use to keep your skin so perfect. Or maybe do a skin care routine video 🤔

  19. Monica I've been watching your videos form the beginning and it's great to see your channel grow this much and i love you so much keep up the great work gorgeous 💗💗

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