Elon Musk responds to Trump's tweet supporting Tesla reopening

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Elon Musk has responded to President Trump’s tweet where he defended the Tesla CEO and called on California to allow him to open the plant. #FoxBusiness

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42 thoughts on “Elon Musk responds to Trump's tweet supporting Tesla reopening

  1. Any body know of John Trump the father of President Donald j Trump he had final decision on tesla files that were removed from tesla's hotel room .

  2. My respect for Musk went up a notch knowing he's willing to be arrested over his employees… like he's looking out for them. And honestly, if the governor has ok'd the reopening of factories, even if he's allowed the discretion of counties to make decisions, what's wrong with Tesla employees, or anyone for that matter, resuming work as long as employees follow safety protocol?

  3. Thanks a million Elon! You would never be where you are if you were a leftists subversive; thank you very much!

  4. California the news Bankrupt State is making tax payers angry and driving them away. Time to wake up.

  5. Tesla and a whole lot of other big companies need to get out of California. They would have a better business to do so.

  6. See kids this is what happens when you vote democrat, they take your rights, money, and freedom. Don’t be stupid don’t vote for the communists party aka the Democrats.

  7. You can’t arrest someone for something that isn’t illegal. To do so would violate the constitution

  8. I give him credit for taking the stand but sorry not going to put him on a pedestal…..it's so much easier for big money guys to flex muscle and get their way…rules change for those with power BUT where's the Change for the little guy and small business ??? No where…their being fined and shut down

  9. Elon should build his new facility in Texas/Nevada with a "clean air" system where any and all air is drawn straight down and fed from up top by completely filtered air… SAFE SPACE

  10. section 242 of title 18 "deprivation of rights under the color of law" states that no official can deprive any citizen of their constitutionally protected rights under color of any law. those county/state officials are violating our rights!!

  11. Nice I like him being a rebel and sueing California for locking him down and his ideas. Wish I could go to space with him lol be so cool to go to space.

  12. They probably will leave him alone…because he has the resources to fight the traitors. Joe's barber shop will get the beatdown

  13. Texas mom reopens beauty salon and gets thrown in jail and fined 7K. Musk does the same thing and local officials look the other way. It's not about the law. If you have money, you can do as you please!

  14. It's not about the pandemic, or public health…
    It's about Left wing megalomaniac politicians, from governors to city council, inebriated with the power just anointed to them by Fauci and the mainstream media, going full bore to impose a “new normal”, which is basically the structure in which they hope to become mini-tyrants and exert absolute power against the will of the people based on charts and statistics that, so far, have all been wrong.

    The politicians trying to impose these draconian measures don't give a rat's rear end about anyone's health, they're just in a power grab comparable to the gold rush, trying to push the line as much as they can to impose a radical Left wing agenda applying the aphorism “Never let a crisis go to waste” to a pandemic.


  15. Screw Gavin. He is a idiot. And NO, American taxpayers are not going to bailout CalPERS. So you and Nancy can pound sand.

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