How to Download & Install AMD Radeon Graphic Driver for Laptop & PC (Official)

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Download & Install AMD Radeon Graphic Driver for windows 10/8.1/ here for more detail..

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Radeon R9 Series
Radeon R9 M485x
Radeon R9 M3XX series
Radeon R9 M395x
Radeon R9 M385
Radeon R9 M380
Radeon R9 M375x
Radeon R9 M375
Radeon R9 M370x
Radeon R9 M365x
Radeon R9 M360
Radeon R9 M2xx
Radeon R9 M270x
R9 280X
R9 270

Radeon R7 Series
Radeon R7 M4XX
Radeon R7 M465x
Radeon R7 M465
Radeon R7 M3XX
Radeon R7 M380
Radeon R7 M370
Radeon R7 M365
Radeon R7 M350
Radeon R7 M340
Radeon R7 M2XX
Radeon R7 M265
Radeon R7 M260

Radeon R5 Series
Radeon R5 M4xx
Radeon R5 M3xx
Radeon R5 M2xx

Radeon HD Series
Radeon HD 8900M
Radeon HD 8800M
Radeon HD 8700M
Radeon HD 8600M
Radeon HD 8500M
Radeon HD 7900M
Radeon HD 7800M
Radeon HD 7700M
Radeon HD 7600M
Radeon HD 7500M
Radeon HD 7400M
Radeon HD 6xxxM
Mobility Radeon HD 5xxx
Mobility Radeon HD 4xxx
Mobility Radeon 4100
Mobility Radeon HD 3xxx
Mobility Radeon 3100
Mobility Radeon HD 2xxx


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29 thoughts on “How to Download & Install AMD Radeon Graphic Driver for Laptop & PC (Official)

  1. yeah so my chip says it amd atombios but my name part says it microsoft basic is that how it actually supposd to say or not

  2. My laptop crash and not start after download amd graphic driver plz help its stuck on load cant start

  3. Bro pls uplaod how to download and install amd graphicd card for lenova e41-25 serial no.a4-4350b r4 windows 8.1 32bit

  4. Hi have a question. Can i play gta 5 with these

    i5 8250U 1.60ghz

    R5 m330 2gb
    Intel uhd 620 2gb

    Ddr4 1200mhz 4gb ram
    (i think i cant play gta 5 with any quality)

  5. When i did this my drivers were deleted and when i try downloading new ones but it didnt work. Now my computer doesnt work properly

  6. After update to latest 20.4.1 radeon adrenalin ver, I can't click my start menu and search bar. They becomes black. What should I do?please reply asap.

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