[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

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36 thoughts on “[MV] IU(아이유) _ eight(에잇) (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS)

  1. My idea of the song:
    The thing she goes into is a memory machine. She wants to relive the lost memories.

    'So far you happy now? Finally happy now? Are you?'

    She's asking them if they're happy in heaven. She's asking if they finally ended the pain and are in a happy place. She also could be asking sarcastically to the haters that made them commit suicide. Asking them if they're happy for what they've done. Asking them if they got what they wanted.

    'Well I'm just the same, I feel like I lost everything.'

    She's saying that she's just as sad as they were. She feels like she lost her everything. THEY were her everything. She loved them and thought of them as the greatest friend anyone could ask for. She's really sad, just as sad as they were once before they committed suicide.

    'Everything comes and goes as they wish, even without a goodbye.'

    This means that her friends, Sulli and Jonghyun went without a goodbye. They hid it all and left without any goodbye. (Jonghyun left a note but Sulli didn't.) She didn't have a chance to properly say goodbye before they left.

    'If this is how things are, I don't wanna love anyone again.'

    She was and still is heartbroken after what happened. She feels like if she loves someone again, they'll leave without a goodbye, just like they did. She doesn't wanna love in a world where everything leaves without a goodbye.

    'I'm just going to take a trip down my old memory lane.'

    She wants to revisit and relive these amazing memories where her friends were still alive. She misses those times and would do anything to get her friends back.

    'Under the orange sun, we dance together where there's no shadows. There is no promised breakup there'

    She wants to go to this place where the ones you love can't leave you. There, they will dance under the orange sun with no worries and no shadows.

    'See you in my memory that is beautiful. Forever young!'

    She wants to see them in her memory again. Once again, in this island, there will be no worries and they will laugh and have a good time together again. Just like when they were alive. Also, in this island, they are forever young. They won't age and they will always have fun dancing under the orange sun.

    'If it's a nightmare, I don't want to wake up forever.'

    She wants this to all be a dream. She doesn't wanna come to the realisation that they're gone. She wants to go back to the times where they were alive and happy.

    'Island, this is an island. A small island made by you and me.'

    She made an island with them. A beautiful island where there is no worries and they will always have fun under the sun.

    'Yeah um forever young, forever is like a sandcastle.'

    The word forever young is like a sandcastle. It's not really a thing. It won't last for very long, no matter how long you want it to, it will always get blown away by the wind.

    'Goodbye is like an emergency alert.'

    Goodbye is like telling someone, 'I'll be gone. These are the last moments before I'm gone.' When someone says goodbye, you want to spend as much time with them as possible until it's too late and they have to go. The goodbye's of Sulli and Jonghyun were unnoticed and that's why she didn't get to say a proper farewell before they left.

    'Wake up in the morning longing for you. I'll pass the infinite eternity to see you on the island again.'

    She misses them everyday. Not a day goes by where she doesn't long for them. She'll do anything to see them in the island that they created. She misses them and will for eternity.

    'As someone once said to comfort me, it's not easy to forget even a handful of memories.'

    That 'someone' is probably Jonghyun or/and Sulli. It's not easy all to forget all the beautiful memories that they made. It's hard to forget even a HANDFUL of memories. Imagine having to forget all of those beautiful memories with your best friends.

    'A long time has passed, but the island still holds on to me.'

    It's been a long time since they committed suicide. She still can't forget the amazing memories they had created and never will.

    (Chorus repeats, I won't explain it again.)

    'We pillow our heads on each other and talk about things that are not sad.'

    She wants to have a nice funny conversation with them again. She doesn't wanna focus on the bad things.

    'There is no gloomy ending here.'

    In this island, your loved ones can't leave you. There will never be a bad ending in this island.

    (Chorus repeats)

    Time for MV.

    As I said before, she's going in a memory machine. She's trying to regain all the memories she's lost.

    As she walks around, it seems like she's confused.

    Now she's gotten more comfortable. She's dancing around, having fun.

    She starts to smile (she's in the memory machine.) Perhaps this is because she's having a fun time?

    She looks like she's playing with someone. Maybe it's Sulli or Jonghyun. They used to come over to her house to talk and do anything that Best Friends would do.

    She has a lizard. This is probably Jonghyun because he loved Pokèmon.

    She's in an airplane with this guy. This guy is Yoongi/Suga. We can tell by his rings.He turns on his phone and it shows, 'Emergency, Electronics Off'. This is about the haters who cyber-bullyed them and made them commit suicide.

    The sky doesn't look like they're on Earth. It looks like an alternate universe.(They are.)

    She rushes to the room where her lizard was. It's gone. She runs outside and it seems like it was taken away by the storm.

    The girl in the white dress is Sulli. She jumped off the cliff with no fear. Probably representing her suicide.

    A dragon picks Sulli up. Probably Jonghyun. He was that lizard. He had evolved into a dragon, just like in Pokèmon. They fly through the beautiful orange sky. The dragon who used to be a lizard is finally free.

    IU starts crying without knowing. This is probably because she knows she won't see her friends again.

    They pass by the plane. IU cries as she sees them, because she knows that they're happy now, away from the cruel society.

    She wakes up from. You can hear 'Are you happy know? Finally happy now?' in the background. Maybe this is asking her friends one last time if they're happy in heaven.

    She gives us 3 expressions. The first one looks like a confused/sad one. She smiles slightly but as the camera comes closer, the expression because more serious and sad. Perhaps it's like 'They're gone forever.', 'But they're happy in heaven, right?', 'They're still gone, and I'll do anything to get them back.'

    The title can represent 3 things. She and Yoongi/Suga are 28. Flip the 8 over, and you have an infinity sign, showing that even if they're gone, their souls are always in her heart. Also, the friendship between Sulli and Jonghyun was 8 years.

    Beautiful MV.

  2. 역시 아이유ㅜㅜ 짱😭이번 뮤비는 그림까지(?) 같이 했다 그림이 아이유님의 이뿜을 따라가진 안치만ㅋㅋ

  3. The heck with those people who said IU used Suga.. Aren't they both gained their few first records because of this song. Aren't Suga gained something too in return , isn't he gained something new that he wasn't able to do so with his past collaborations and producing. Maybe the achievements globally is more because of BTS fans and Suga but locally isn't it more from UAENAs and IU. Isn't it right to say both did well on their equal parts, same with the fans too. Why with the ill manners.. Aren't we supposed to be glad IU approached him first and made this wonderful song together.

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  6. 가사가 곱씹을수록 마음이 저릿하다 나도 떠나보낸 사람이 있어 꿈에서 만나길 간절히 바라는데 마침 이 노래가 내 맘을 대변해준거 같아서 들을때마다 슬프고 위로받는 곡임.. 아이유님께 정말 감사드려요♡

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