Playlist ❤︎ In Loving Memory of Jonghyun

Âm Nhạc

It’s difficult to believe it’s been three weeks already. Not a single day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him or listened to his music. Since there are not people in my daily life that understand the pain, I’m grateful to have Shawols who share the same pain and won’t judge me.

Seeing everyone gather together to honor Jonghyun’s memory touched my heart. I felt such peace and comfort. For me, it was the beginning of the long healing process ahead. I remind myself that he is no longer in pain. He won’t have to struggle to get through the day anymore. He is at peace looking over his family, members, and his beloved Shawols.

I can’t help the tears that continue to fall. I still feel such immense pain in my chest when I hear his voice. I didn’t understand why it hurt so much. I was angry. But then I understood. I felt pain because I put myself in other’s shoes. If that was my brother, best friend or loved one, then wouldn’t I feel pain? Must we close off our emotions to others simply because we don’t have a physical connection to them? I feel the pain of others. Knowing they’re hurting makes ME hurt.

How deep in sadness must someone be in to think that taking their life is the only way out? What a heavy burden to carry every single day. How exhausting is it to put on a smile on your face when all you want to do is break down and cry. All you want is for someone to hold you while you cry. You want someone to listen. No, you don’t have to give me advice or try to understand what I’m going through. Hold me and just say that it’s going to be okay.

Please, keep in mind that depression has nothing to do with gender. Anyone is susceptible to it. It doesn’t make you any less of a man if you ask for help. MENTAL ILLNESS IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF.



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48 thoughts on “Playlist ❤︎ In Loving Memory of Jonghyun

  1. 또 사무치게 보고 싶다 종현아… 함께 했던 순간부터 너무 사랑했고 사랑해 아직도 그냥 네가 조금 오래 군대라도 가버린 것 같은 기분이라 솔직히 말해서 실감이 잘 안나.. 이대로 시간이 계속 흐르게 되고 언젠가는 실감이 나겠지 그때도 역시나 널 응원하고 사랑했었던 지난 날들을 소중했던 기억으로 간직할 거야 너무 너무 보고 싶지만 언젠가 다시 만날 수 있을 거라 믿을래 다시 만날 그 날까지 너무 너무 보고 싶을 거야 사랑해 종현아

  2. Our brightest star Jonghyun we will always remember and love you. Rest In Peace. #5hinee #Shinee #Shawol #JonghyunKim

  3. Dear Jonghyun
    Two years have passed, almost 3. I still can't believe you're gone. That I can only relisten to old songs of yours. Now that I do, I wonder how have we not noticed. The lyrics speak so loud to me now.
    I've tried so hard not to cry, I tired so hard to smile because you were there not because you no longer are
    You're resting in peace now. You're there with my friend whom took his life not long before you. 2 months only. Please you two keep eachother safe.

    I will never forget you guys

  4. It's 2020 and it still feels unreal.
    I still can't believe you're gone.
    You did well, Jonghyun.
    We love u, we always have and we always will.

  5. Can we ever have enough Jonghyun playlists? May 2020, a roaring fire against the bitter wind at the window, and Poet/Artist my playlist this Saturday afternoon in New Zealand. Remembering Kim Jonghyun with respect and greatest appreciation ♥️

  6. we miss him so much hmmmmmm love all song by him. he is the best vocals hmmm.. miss him like crazy.. its hurt to see his member like this. i know how it feels to be left behind by those who are always with us. it's hard to let him go. im really feel sorry for the members shinee. i hope they strong no metter what. jonghyun is still in our heart. the members and fans always remember jonghyun. let's support member forever. it's hard to them without jonghyun so we need to give the members support. all the memorise we still keep it in our heart. miss you shinee and miss you jonghyun. this is my heart want to say after hearing his song.

  7. Taeyeon, IU, and I said our final goodbye with blingbling .
    Even after seeing his smiling portrait of the deceased, it still feels like blingbling will come to us and smile
    As if all of this was a dream.
    Starting from a while back, blingbling told me, taeyeon, and IU his dark and deep internal stories.
    We think each day was very difficult for him.
    We kept having uneasy thoughts so we made it known to his family and tried our hardest to capture his heart
    But it only ended up postponing time and Taeyeon, IU, and I could not black his Pat (action).
    We still can not believe he is not in this world and it's so painful.
    Taeyeon, IU, and I still afraid, not knowing if it's the right thing to upload these words,
    But blingbling himself asked Taeyeon, IU, and me to please upload these words if he disappeared from this world.
    We wished this day would never come….
    After discussing with his family,
    Taeyeon, IU, and Me uploading his final note, according to his last wishes.
    We think that there must be a reason why he left this up to me, taeyeon, and IU.
    We were worry that there with be controversy. However,
    We think that he predicted this and asked me, taeyeon and IU, so we decided that we will do the one last thing we can do for
    I hope everyone knows now that blingbling was not alone.
    And that he worked hard…. that he did really well….
    Please thank him for withstanding well….
    Beautiful blingbling, we will love you a lot.
    In that place, please don't be in pain and I hope you will be peaceful….

    This is the full text of his final note.

    I am broken from the inside.
    Depression that slowly are away at me ended up swallowing me
    I couldn't beat it.
    I hated myself. I held onto memories that have died out and even though I shouted to snap out of it, there
    Was no response.
    If suffocating breaths will not open up, it's better instead to stop.
    I asked who can take responsibility for myself.
    It's you.
    I was completely alone.
    It's easy to say you'll end it.
    It's hard to end it.

  8. happy birthday baby💜🥺 i miss you and i’m sorry for not finding you sooner but i love you bling bling

  9. as the discription says… i just want to cry while someones holding me, saying its going to be fine…i could write a whole paragraph about how i feel, but that would be a waste of time… this is about Jonghyun.

    i miss you… lately i've been listening to your songs again, and i cant help myself from crying. after all the crying i smile because i know you're watching over us, me… its going to be fine, right?
    Rest easy our angel <3

  10. My sweet baby we never tell YOU.. GOODBYE because my angel you are always with as. I have promised to not cry. But my sweet darling sorry…😰😰😰😰😰.That's promised I can't ……..tack it. 😥😢😢😰😰😭😭 you mees it me so much….😓😓😥😢😥😰😰😰😨😰😥😢I LOVE YOU MY SUNSHINE…… thnx my bling bling boy.

  11. i always have to skip 'so goodbye' as much as i love the piece of art- i break down at " so goodbye, don't cry and smile"

    jjong baby- i'd love to stop crying and smile- but its just too much, 2 years later- and its still too much… 😔💙💎

  12. ジョンヒョンさんの声凄く良いね、聞き惚れてしました、会いたかったね、いつか必ず何処か出会えたら良いね💚

  13. Hola Hermoso, a tus dos años y un mes sigo tu música y cada vez que la oigo y veo tus videos de verdad que sigues vivo en nosotros, particularmente en mi. Me hace extrañarte mucho más y quererte muy fuerte como si estuvieras aquí. Ya no estás y mi realidad sigue esperando poder verte en sueños, no lo logro, pero sigo esperando. Descansa Angel y sigue cantando con los angeles que te rodean, dichosos ellos que te tienen y aquí nos quedamos con lo hermoso de ti. Hasta siempre HERMOSO ANGEL AL QUE AMO INFINITAMENTE.

  14. 💙💙💙💙💙Thank u for everything 🙏🙏🙏🙏 고마워요 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

  15. You know, there are still days I forget that he's gone… But then it's December again… and it hit me. It's been 2 years. It feels wrong, knowing that he isn't living on earth, but I hope he's happier wherever he is.

  16. today officially is 3 years of his death and no matter how long it is i don't get to see his face anymore or hear any new music just the fact that he is gone makes my insides tear up but i know i have to get threw this because at the end of the day he is still not here i'm grateful for all of his work i wished he could've found his happiness in life and that special someone in his life it would make me so happy but he didn't see that light and i wish he could've i hope he is happier where he is
    I love you Kim Jonghyun

  17. 今日また聞きに来た🎵今日どれだけの人が彼を想ってるだろうか、空を見ているだろうか、今日の此処は穏やかないい日です

  18. My favorite song is no.1 So Goodbye I'll always play the music and put my earphone in my ears then I close my eyes and listen the music. My heart 💔 feel so much broken 😭😢😭 I cry but I'll always put GOD FIRST CENTER OF MY LIFE bcoz I know a min. If I feel so much depressed I don't think so what can I do to my SELF 😭😭😭😭

  19. This man’s voice has completely captivated me! I feel his soul was as beautiful as his voice. It breaks my heart he isn’t here. He’s special. You did great Jonghyun. Thank you for the music. Thank you for being here! Goodnight sweet prince!

  20. Dear Jonghyun,

    It's been a while, I wonder if you're living your best life wherever you are.

    Instead of studying for my upcoming exams in a few hours, I find myself writing to you at 2:18 am. I guess it's because I feel like you're the only one who'd understand what I'm going through at the moment. I'm honestly tired and sad. I'm tired of having to live up to the high expectations of my family, friends and everyone else. I only need someone to embrace me and tell me I did well today. To tell me that I don't necessarily have to be be at the 'top'.

    I'm sorry that I have to disturb you during your rest, but I hope that you can watch over me from where you are, and most importantly help me to find the meaning of life🙏

    Love and miss you always💜

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