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swatching all the lippie stix shades from colourpop for todays video!! which shade is your favourite? 💋

i did want to mention that all of these were gifted to me from colourpop but this video isn’t sponsored!

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⋆ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D ⋆

buy the entire lippie stix collection here:

⋆ you can use my code “5JUDY” to get $5 off! not a commission code! for first time users only on ⋆


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⋆ S H A D E B Y S H A D E ⋆

* my favourites

dream date (creme)
cookie (matte)
slacker (creme)
oh snap (matte)
Parker (matte)
at twilight (creme) *
topanga (satin)
with the band (matte x)

brink (matte)
goal digger (matte x)
cami (matte x)
lumiere (matte)
happy thoughts (matte)
byron babe (matte x)
after shock (matte x)
little things (creme)

songbird (matte)
westie (matte)
goodie bag (matte)
casanova (creme)
cherry bomb (matte)
are you surreal (matte)
runaway (matte x)
heart on (matte)

love life (matte x) *
i heart this (matte)
jam sesh (matte)
sky walking (matte x)
trust me… (matte x) *
parachute (matte x)
day trip (matte)
chi chi (matte)

goldie (matte x)
who run this (matte)
ziggie (matte x)
fly fi (matte x)
poison (matte)
bichette (matte)
ellarie (matte)
infinite best (matte x)

taurus (matte)
aquarius (matte)
thousand perfect (matte x)
grunge (matte)
candy paint (mate x) *
girl gang (matte)
kapish (matte x)
day dream (matte x)

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instagram ⋆ @juudy____

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⋆ G R A P H I C S ⋆

by Joy Lin Arness

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⋆ M Y G E A R ⋆

camera ⋆ Canon 750D
mic ⋆ Takstar SGC-598
edited on final cut pro x

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⋆ B A C K G R O U N D M U S I C ⋆

provided by epidemic sounds
⋆ cafe mornings – mai ligne
⋆ shortcomings – they dream by day
⋆ part of the game – velveteen
⋆ you got issues – spring gang

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THANKS FOR WATCHING ♡ THIS VIDEO NOT SPONSORED but products were gifted from colourpop cosmetics.

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  1. hope you guys are enjoying the video so far!
    if you guys are curious about the looks i am wearing in the video i filmed them all here:
    enjoy the rest of ur day/night 🖤

  2. Dont attack me but i rather had a close up of the actual colour of your lips not the whole face but whatever ~
    Gonna search for someone who is actually not trying to flatter the camera

  3. Omg it's so hard to pick since the colors are literally one tone apart and I don't have money to buy all of them. So which ones were your fav or ones you recommend for Asians with yellow/golden undertone?

  4. Thanks so much for the video!!! I appreciate the effort for sure! Haha. How did these wear for you? Did they transfer very easily or stay pretty well once appliepd? I'm thinking of getting the bundle and I'm curious if they wear long enough for it to be worth it 😋🙃

  5. Colourpop SHOULD sponsor you! You deserve them coins for your hard work! No one reviews and creates looks from their products with the depth that you do. I bet many people will buy their products after screen grabbing these swatches complete with labels, coz I know I will ❤️

  6. It is so crazy that I think me and you are so alike in taste… My favorite was at twilight and love life while watching the video… I always check your video and reviews before I buy anything from Colourpop because I know if something doesn't work on you and won't work on me either.

  7. this was amazing! youre eye look for the last row was so fantastic i could barely look at the lip swatches! thank you!

  8. Yay! I love how you paired a look with each row. Thank you for all the swatches! I know it must be a lot of work!

  9. You just gained another subscriber 😊 This video is really helpful because your skin tone is somewhat similar to me. Love from Malaysia ❤❤

  10. Loveee row 5 swatches except Aquarius 😂 thinking about picking up my old lippie stix again after watching this…. haha

  11. Hi Judy 👋 Thank you for posting this video! It’s so so helpful! In your thumbnail photo, what was the color for the 2nd photo in the 2nd row? Looked like a rosey mauvey shade?

  12. Thank you soooooo much!!! I’m glad that it seems like you swatched them in separate days… it must have been really hard work though <3

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