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TOP 10 Best MOBA Games (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch), video brought to you by ANAGAS
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Game List:

10. PC

9. PC | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch

8. PC

7. PC

6. PC

5. PC

4. PC

3. PC | Mobile

2. PC

1. PC

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Best MOBA Games

  1. is this Strife game still online? i could download it on steam but can't login or access their website for support or whatever. does any1 knows?

  2. I tried Dota 2 and similar games but I'm a Smite head I like being closer to the action those other games are from a top view only games I play like that is NBA 2k or some super old game i played in the 80's you gotta make me feel like I'm in the Character not controlling it from the sky I got a DJI Mavic Air 2 for a sky view…..IJS

  3. 10. Strife
    9. Smite
    8. Heroes Of Newerth
    7. Master X Master
    6. Battlerite Royale
    5. Paragon
    4. Heroes Of The Storm
    3. Vainglory
    2. League Of Legends
    1. Dota 2


  4. Uhh…pretty sure a good portion of these games have been dead for some time now. Why have them on the list?

  5. so why is dota2 n1 like wtf league has biggest community and its way better than that piece of shit u suck mate stop making videos <#

  6. in my opinion of both Dota2 & LOL fan, LOL is best for those who want to be fun and has great community for beginners. While Dota2 is focused on hardcore definition of MOBA & beginners are not welcomed nicely because of difficult gameplay. Dota community's supporting is only leading to pro scenes.

  7. I agree with dota 2 but why show a gameplay of dota 2 even before the reborn update lmao. Dota 2 now has pve items which drops from neutral monsters which is a unique feature for a moba game you should have showcase that because it's a 2020 list. And almost all the list of games here are dead.

  8. Heroes é muito superior a todos eles, não entendi o pq da posição 4, a não ser que o vídeo de rank seja dos mais famosos, e n dos melhores

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