Trump Supports Elon Musk Reopening Tesla’s Factory as Tesla Continues Production

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➤ Elon Musk emails employees about first days back at the factory, says it went “great”
➤ Donald Trump tweets support of Tesla reopening Fremont factory
➤ District supervisor chief of staff and Sheriff’s office weigh in on Tesla
➤ Bay area county health officer comments on restarting manufacturing


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Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives


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32 thoughts on “Trump Supports Elon Musk Reopening Tesla’s Factory as Tesla Continues Production

  1. 2:39 – who is suggesting pushing out the County Health Officer because they don’t agree with their medical opinion?

  2. SUBSCRIBED! Great Journalisming. (not sarcastic) Very few true journalists left that give all the details, without skewing them with a motive. Thanks. Seems like many large companies are being more political and deceiving and it is getting annoying. Would you ever broaden into other fields? Maybe even in the tech field still but other companies/industries as well like covering Apple, Microsoft, Google?

  3. Elon, Having Psycho Don supporting you is noting to brag about! Psycho Don supporting you should tell you something, considering the ignorant, stupid idiotic dumb ass remarks he makes every day!

  4. the government is always slow! they cant do anything efficiently, its impossible. the gov should get out of the way of its people, and let us work and prosper. we need greater economic freedom in this country or else things wont get better. we need more competition in more areas of the economy but that cant happen when the gov is breathing down the necks of everyone. only the big corporations and afford to deal with the gov. but the start ups and small business cant afford it. thats why huge companies are taking everything over.

  5. YES YES YES! Elon Please invest in Canada.  A CYBER TRUCK GIGAFACTORY would look great sitting atop of the  environmental destroying Tar/Oil Sands. With all of the Billions of $s squandered by brain dead Canadian politicians;  Tesla employed Canadians could be producing a environmental solution for the World.

  6. I hope everyone stays safe, and that Tesla will be able to resume production without even one employee contracting the virus. Tesla is one of the many solutions needed to mitigate the climate crisis, and I consider those workers true heroes who are building a better future. I have to say, however, that… if the likes of Donald Trump praised and encouraged me, my default conclusion would be that I was doing something very wrong and should rethink my behavior and decisions.

  7. I used to think Elon Musk was pretty cool, but now I see that he is a grandstanding nutcase! I'll never buy one of his products.

  8. Everyone go back to work!!!! F..k this crap ,,,thousands of people live in a creek down the street from my house,,,,
    This is only going to add to that !,,!!!!!! Screw them!

  9. Why negotiate,,,to stop him is against his constitutional rights what the F..k is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!

  10. I'm a green energy loving moderate like Elon, and I 100% agree with his handling of this issue, from suing Alameda County, to bringing 30% of his manufacturing workforce back to work despite county restrictions once the state OK'd manufacturing to return to work, to him agreeing with Donald Trump on one of the few occasions that warrant it.

  11. I know that Musk wants to get his factory re-opened as soon as possible, but it might be best to have not responded to Trump. Trump also supports burning more coal and says climate change is a hoax. You may recall he also said that about the virus.

  12. That memo to employees is a BIG FU from Elon to Hollywood elites and Cali democrats. LMAO! Way to go Elon!

  13. Yeah so Trump threw his support behind Elon Musk and today tons of people in Trump t-shirts we're out there waving American flags in front of the factory…. disgusting way of politicizing a national tragedy!

  14. Earlier reports indicated that Tesla workers were being pressured to return to the factory and threatened with lack of pay if they wanted to stay away. Supposedly, Tesla backed away from that threat, but the fact they made it is bad enough. And now Musk has become a shill for that scumbag, Donald Trump. This is after Musk has spent months downplaying the virus and demonstrating that, while he may be a brilliant car manufacturer, he is a complete ignoramus when it comes to understanding epidemics. I am considering buying a Model 3 – but Musk should understand it is people like me who care about the environment and who despise scum like Trump who are his customer base. People like me are also the ones who understand what governments are trying to do by protecting their citizens and support the lockdown. Musk is attacking his own customer base by his irresponsible, facile behavior. If there is a coronavirus outbreak on the Tesla assembly line, the company is leaving itself open to a massive lawsuit. Shut up and make cars Elon and obey the law. No one needs an asshole of a billionaire putting his workers lives at risk.

  15. donald is a major idiot. what ever trump has to say is a lie or just not caring about we the people. to listen to donald is to show that your i.q. is at the 70 level. thats moron and lower. isnt donald dump the one that said this virus was under control. isnt donald the one that called the virus a hoax, isnt donald the one that fired intelligent people in government and installed spineless idiots that dont mind lying, cheating and stealing from the american public. donald, your fired and take your swamp gang of bend over bitches with you.

  16. Elon’s frustration at local authorities is well justified. He is right in this instance. However from ‘30,000 ft’, the PROBLEM from a global view, this spat, along with Elon’s long standing covid view is too similar to Trump’s anti science, and symbolises everything wrong the failed US response AND aligns with the China bashing, the China virus, the “Ching Chong Virus” etc, ya don’t want a China consumer backlash against Tesla, it can turn on a dime, Elon says nice thing in China, but he’s gotta walk the walk in the US as well.

    Some Australian products sold in China are set to suffer a backlash from anti China sentiment from our politicians, the US economy will be a basket case for while, Elon needs (and I as a stock holder need) growing demand in China. Still it’s not all roses, China is getting back to work, but they will ultimately be hit by America’s economic armageddon if it happens, they are not separate, China & US almost one country, Chimerica, coined by conservative economic historian Nails Ferguson.

    Elon needs to show / pretend a little more humility, engage the spirit of our social contract, no one is above the law. Just suck it up and endure the frustrations and indignities of local governments and their failings like everyone else around the world. Elon knows how China beat the virus, and he should understand the US failures and support China’s strict measures in the US but what to we get ”give us our god damn freedom” and ”fascists”

    China officials take that personally, we don’t want China waiting to knife 🔪 Elon in the back, nationalise his/our plant, steal the tech and capabilities. China rolled out the red carpet for Elon, very easily they could be very deeply offended, they appear at this time to be extremely sensitive.

  17. What baffles me the most is that one of the major reasons we Americans find ourselves in this situation is the inept response to the virus. We could look at "great" response examples like Taiwan This is just one of course, you can look up the other "great" ones.Don't be fooled by bipartisan distractions, or foolish publicity stunts. Things are more complicated than they seem and sometimes what appears to be the problem is merely a symptom of a much larger problem.

  18. No comment on the specific issue of re-opening Fremont. But two related things, in order of importance:

    1. It is truly dangerous to think that just because we "flattened the curve," it's all right to go back to BAU. The potential for a resurgence is still there. You need to keep enough cautionary measures in place to keep transmission going down, until it is essentially gone. Shawn Wilson's comment on how the threat to the health care system is over, now that the curve is flattened, is just asinine. If the health care system was beefed up to 10X the normal capacity, then hey, we should just let it rip, right? I mean, everybody's gonna get exposed sooner or later, right? Don't get taken in by that kind of talk!

    2. Trump had no business sticking his nose into this. His notoriously loose lips can lead to nothing good.

  19. This is why you want a small government, to keep the bureaucrats away from the people who wants to build and progress. Say no to socialism.

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