UEFI USB Multiboot/Secure-Boot UEFI using Easy2Boot (E2B) and .imgPTN partition images

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Note E2B v2 can now directly Secure UEFI-boot from ISO files – no need for .imgPTN files!

Boot from 100’s of different UEFI payloads (even Secure Boot).
You can add multiple Linux, Windows, KonBoot, various WinPEs such as Bob Omb’s/DLC/Strelec, MemTest86, etc.
Demo of a UEFI multiboot E2B drive which can be used on UEFI-only systems. The second part of the video describes how to make the UEFI E2B drive by adding a second FAT32 Primary partition.
See for how to make UEFI .imgPTN files

Direct Secure UEFI boot from ISOs, WIMs, EFI files, VHDs – see

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12 thoughts on “UEFI USB Multiboot/Secure-Boot UEFI using Easy2Boot (E2B) and .imgPTN partition images

  1. steve6275 Your tutorials are very comprehensive and your knowledge is enormous. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Finally got there but with the help of a forum member. Found Steve to be somewhat condescending because of my lack of knowledge and not all that helpful when I really needed some assistance. That said he has produced a great way to UEFI boot and E2B is simply a fab solution.

  3. Easy2Boot is the greatest for BIOS but unfortunately it's too hard to use on UEFI. AIO BOOT is much better for UEFI multiboot USBs. It's possible to tweak it that it works with both BIOS and UEFI at the same time without additional partition switching with unnecesary reboots.

  4. Excellent teacher I subscribe to your channel, I met you through the Eber Caro channel of Decomputo, although I do not understand the English language, I find its content very interesting, I would like to know if I have another method like communicating with you since I have some doubts , thank you and I love you and mr. Eber Caro, they are the maximum.

  5. Hi Steve!

    I have a problem: I get the following message when trying to integrate an Ubuntu ISO. What I can do?

    Thanks in advance…
    "The volume does not have a group of contiguous, free clouster that is large enough to contain the entire file."

    PD: I executed the file "MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS". The ISO is in the LINUX folder

  6. This doesn't really go over how to make e2b work under uefi but rather to bypass e2b and boot something else. I was hoping to get the e2b interface to work on uefi

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